Our project gives its users the chance to learn about cultures from all around the world, from the safety of our virtual reality application. Our web portal allows administrators to add supported cultures, and then add culturally related questions to those cultures. Administrators can add video and text responses which users will then experience in virtual reality.

Key Technologies:

Our project is roughly split into three sections: the Virtual Reality application, the administrative web portal, and the services used by both. The virtual reality application was built in Unity, with integration into the Oculus platform. The administrative portal is built in Vue, with a Rails backend.

The other services represent a couple technologies. We make use of Google’s and Microsoft’s speech to text and text to speech software, as well as python’s TensorFlow, which uses a model to match incoming questions to a bank of answerable questions.


SET's Home

Normally, you can find SET and the rest of the School of Applied Computer Science & Information Technology (ACS&IT) at Conestoga's John W. Tibbits Campus in Waterloo, Ontario.

108 University Ave. East
Waterloo, ON N2J 2W2


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