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The SET program’s graduating class (the teams behind all these amazing, capstone projects!) are hitting the job market now! Students and grads in this field have shown that remote work under COVID-19 realities is no barrier at all to successfully contributing to development projects, and there are many incentives and funding opportunities that you can consider to help lock in some of the best developer talent in the region.

Need Co-Op Students?

Looking for a co-op Software Developer? SET co-op students have spent 2 years studying in class and are now ready for 4, 8, 12 or even up to 16 months adding value to your team! Remote work is no problem for these students! To learn more:


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SET's Home

Normally, you can find SET and the rest of the School of Applied Computer Science & Information Technology (ACS&IT) at Conestoga's John W. Tibbits Campus in Waterloo, Ontario.

108 University Ave. East
Waterloo, ON N2J 2W2


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Conestoga's School of Applied Computer Science & Information Technology is actively seeking new industry partners to join our Program Advisory Committees (PAC's). These teams are consulted several times throughout the year on the direction of our degree and diploma programs.

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