JWC GrowthWatch

Our project aims to add some automation and technological assistance to what is currently, a completely manual process. JWC employs plant biologists who constantly gather information about their crops and growth strategies to review and study. This process is done by hand, and our project aims to automate the gathering of these metrics, as well as storing them, performing some analytics, and providing this data to a web dashboard for review and study. On top of that, we’ve created an augmented reality app which will use this data to recreate a plant’s growth in real time via an android device.

Key Technologies:

Plant Metric Gathering:

  • Intel D415 depth camera

  • Intel Realsense 2.0 SDK


Desktop Application:

  • Built on .NET Core 3.0 (cross-platform compatible)

  • Windows Presentation Foundation / C#

Web API and Database:

  • node.js API

  • Hosted on Google Cloud Platform

  • PostgreSQL database currently hosted on ElephantSQL


Web Dashboard Application:

  • Single-page application

  • Built using Vue.js


AR Application

  • Built using Unity for Android

  • Using Google AR Core

The Team:


SET's Home

Normally, you can find SET and the rest of the School of Applied Computer Science & Information Technology (ACS&IT) at Conestoga's John W. Tibbits Campus in Waterloo, Ontario.

108 University Ave. East
Waterloo, ON N2J 2W2


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